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  • Nano Bonding Service provided by AEM Deposition

    Nano Foil, a nanotechnology material, is used to simplify the sputtering target bonding process in a process called Nano Bonding. Nano Bonding allows target bonders and target manufacturers to make reliable and repeatable bonds while increasing margins and lowering capital expenditures.

    Features of Nano Foil in Target Bonding:

    1. Sputtering Target Bonding
    2. C-Scan; Less than 2% voiding
    3. A reactive multi-layer foil
    4. Provides room temperature bonding
    5. Uniquely suited to bonding materials with dissimilar CTEs
    6. Lowers overall cost of solder bonding process: materials, capital expenditures, and personnel 7. Provides uniform bond thickness
    8. Compatible with any solder
    9. Minimizes stress from CTE mismatch
    10.Adapts to bonding applications that require the higher precision demands of the semiconductor industry
    11. Delivers minimal voiding – up to 99% coverage
    12. Lowers overall cost of materials, capital expenditures, and personnel
    13. Nano Bonding applys to any size target
    14. Globally, target manufacturers, bond shops, and end users have realized the potential of NanoBonded sputtering targets.

    Nano Foil significantly improves existing planar target bonding methods through the use of localized heat. When activated, Nano Foil delivers localized heat that bonds similar or dissimilar materials in just a fraction of a second, in any environment, therefore eliminating the need for a standard furnace, torch, or laser. The rapid and versatile nature of this novel bonding method offers process cost reductions over traditional bonding methods.

    Nano Bonding results in Flat & Parallel Assemblies

    Furnace SolderingFurnace Soldering
    Maximum Y Deflection: 0.68 mm NanoBonding
    Maximum Y Deflection: 0.038 mm Color Meter
    Residual stresses and deflections from NanoBonded targets are an order of magnitude less than conventional bonding [Von Mises Stress (MPa)].

    Nano Bonding produces a strong, flat, low-stress bond that is highly thermally and electrically conductive. As a reactive multi-layer foil, Nano Foil works by acting as a local heat source to melt adjacent solder layers without heating the target or backing plate materials. This allows the bonding of nearly any combination of sputtering target material and backing plate material, including ceramics to metals, irrespective of the difference in coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). This process, called Nano Bond, requires no expensive equipment and can be integrated into any process.

    Nano Bonding Services:

    AEM Deposition offers Nano Bonding services in our target bond, and also provides Indium Metallic Bonding and Epoxy Bonding. Let our team of trained, professional target bonders Nano Bonding your targets. We routinely bond targets for the solar and semiconductor industry.