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  • Application of Superfine Copper Powder

    Copper powder is a kind of metal powder with red luster. It can be widely used in powder metallurgy, electric carbon products, electronic materials, metal coatings, chemical catalysts, filters, heat pipes and other mechanical and electrical parts and electronic aviation fields. Superfine copper powder refers to copper powder with smaller particle diameter and finer particle size. Superfine copper powder can be applied to many occasions:
    1. Applied to MLCC electrode
    Copper is one of the ideal substitutes for silver palladium internal electrode because of its low resistivity, low electromigration speed and low price. However, its chemical properties are relatively active. In air, the powdered copper with large specific surface area is easily oxidized, and the surface will form Cu2O and CuO thin films, which will rapidly reduce its conductivity, or even become non-conductive. The inner electrode of chip multilayer ceramic capacitor made of ultra-fine copper powder prepared by phase reduction method overcomes the above shortcomings and has the advantages of good dispersion, high sphericity and even particle size, which will become an excellent choice for MLCC.
    2. Applied to conductive coating
    Conductive coating is a kind of functional coating which develops rapidly with the progress of science and technology. At present, its main fillers are carbon system, silver system, copper system, nickel system and composite system. As the conductive filler in the coating for electromagnetic wave shielding, copper powder has the advantages of high conductivity, relatively cheap price, easy access to materials, no silver migration in the coating, which affects the performance of the coating. However, copper is easy to oxidize, and its oxide conductivity is low, resulting in the decrease of the conductivity of the coating. Therefore, the research and development of copper powder composite conductive coating with low price and metal migration resistance are paid more and more attention.
    3. Applied to lubricants
    Ultrafine copper powder is dispersed in various lubricating oils in a proper way to form a stable suspension, which can become a lubricant with excellent performance, greatly reduce the wear and friction of materials and equipment, especially in the case of heavy load, low speed and high temperature vibration, and play an extremely important role in protecting materials and equipment. For example, copper sulfate pentahydrate as the main raw material to prepare nano copper powder, its anti-wear and antifriction performance is stronger than the traditional lubricant, has become a new generation of lubricant anti-wear and antifriction additives.
    4. Applied to catalyst
    Ultrafine copper powder has fine and uniform particles, which has great specific surface activity. People use this characteristic to make high-efficiency catalyst. For example, in the process of automobile exhaust purification, ultrafine copper powder, as a catalyst, partially replaces platinum and ruthenium, making toxic carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and nitric oxide into nitrogen dioxide. Because of its high catalytic activity, ultrafine copper powder can also be used as catalyst in the reaction of carbon dioxide and hydrogen to methanol. The polymerization of acetylene catalyzed by nano copper particles has also achieved satisfactory results.
    5. Other applications
    When ultrafine copper powder is used to prepare nano copper materials, copper materials with good ductility, good strength and plasticity can be obtained, which is very conducive to the processing of materials and the manufacturing of micro machinery.
    In addition, because of the low melting point of copper, ultrafine copper powder is often used in aerospace field to make rocket nozzles. In medical treatment, ultra-fine copper powder also plays an important role in the treatment of osteoporosis, fracture and other diseases.
    It can be said that ultra-fine copper powder is widely used in mechanics, electricity, chemistry and other fields because of its basic characteristics, such as small size effect, surface interface effect, quantum scale effect and quantum tunnel effect, which have many excellent properties different from conventional materials of the same composition. With the further development of Science and technology, it will show more potential application prices to play a greater role in a broader field.