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AEM Deposition

Our Vision

To be the most trusted materials supplier to our customers

Advanced Engineering Materials Limited (AEM) is an international company involved in the R & D, manufacturing, and sales of many types of high-tech materials. We provide high-purity non-ferrous materials, customized alloys, compounds, and almost every kind of complicated synthetic materials to research institutes and high-tech enterprises worldwide. We have significant advantages in magnetron sputtering targets, vacuum coating materials, high-purity metals, high-purity compounds, rare-earth metals, distilled rare-earth metals, coated substrates, along with many other materials.

Our Core Advantages

Integrated Production Line

AEM is equipped with a complete set of production and processing facilities in particular high standard cleaning room for the use of wet synthesis of high purity raw materials, production equipment such as Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP) machines, Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) machines Single Temperature Zone, Dual-Zone, Multi-Temperature Liquid Phase And Vapor-Phase Synthesis, Cold Molding Machines, Vacuum Unwrought Equipment, Lathes, Grinders, Milling/Drilling/Punching Machines, Wire Cutting Machine and other types of equipment for the material forming and machining.
Some of available furnaces are Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace, Cold Crucible Levitation Melting Furnace, Non-Consumable Vacuum Arc Furnace, Vacuum High-Temperature Furnace, Vacuum Sintering Furnace, Vacuum Distillation Furnace, Regional Smelting Furnace, Multi-Temperature district Heating Furnace, Single Crystal Furnace, Vacuum Hot Pressing Furnace, High-Temperature Sintering Furnace, Furnace Oxidation Furnace, Nitriding Furnace.

Most Competitive Prices

AEM provides the most competitive prices for all kinds of products. We maintain close collaboration with industry leaders in China to get low-cost and high-quality materials. Meanwhile, we have established perfect SCM (Supply Chain Management) and LP (Lean Production) systems to reduce costs. We are always in pursuit of high-efficiency mass production and scientific management. Therefore, we can ensure the highest product quality at the lowest possible prices.

Consistently Reliable Quality

Our vision includes providing the highest quality products to our customers, and we don’t compromise on this. AEM runs a strict quality control system involving raw materials selection, production control, product inspection, fine packing, and delivery to the desired destination to ensure the company vision. Every order must go through the above-mentioned delicate process before departure from the factory.

Comprehensive Solutions

Supported by our broad experience in the field of high-purity materials, we can help customers select materials, design products, and provide technical support. We have an independent laboratory to develop and test new materials and provide customers with technical consultancy.

Our Commitment

We can proudly say that “Our products are being used around the globe”. Over the past years, we have cooperated with many satisfied customers. We are always trying to provide reliable products at the most competitive prices to our valuaed customers worldwide. 
Regardless of the order volume and size, we will try our best to meet your requirements and we are doing this for years. 
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