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Alloy Evaporation Material

Alloy Evaporation Material (Pieces & Pellets & Powder)

AEM offers high purity evaporation materials in various shapes and sizes to perfectly fit with coils, boats, and crucibles or hearth liners. We hold a consistently good reputation for excellent performance as metal powder suppliers. The most common shapes of evaporation materials are pellets, powders, granules, pellets, tablets, rods, plates, and rings. We offer all materials metal pieces, metal pellets, and metal powders, regularly available in stock. It makes the order processing fast.

In the below list, there are all Alloy Evaporation Materials available. By clicking the product name, you can get more details, and you can also click "inquiry" to get affordable prices and high quality. 


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We also provide evaporation sources, including crucibles, boats, and thermal filaments. You can click the link for details.


For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Evaporation Materials, please visit this link: Evaporation Materials FAQ.

Alloy Evaporation Materials List

Product Name Symbol Purity Shape Details
Gold Germanium Evaporation Material Au/Ge 99.90% pellets & powder Detail
Nickel Chromium Evaporation Material Ni/Cr 99.90% canes & powder Detail
Nickel Iron Evaporation Material Ni/Fe 99.90% pellets & pieces & powder Detail
Nickel Antimony Evaporation Material Ni/Sb 99.90% shots & powder Detail
Nickel/Chromium Evaporation Material Ni/Cr 60/40 WT% 99.90% pieces & powder Detail
Permalloy Evaporation Material Ni/Fe/Mo/Mn 99.90% pellets & powder Detail