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  • Cobalt Powder

    Cobalt Powder

    Introduction: Cobalt powder has three forms for reduced, electrolytic and atomized. Its one of the key ingredinents of spuerhard alloy. The properties determined the bonding poperty, strength and toughness of spuerhard alloy. It is widely used for hard alloy, diamond tool, high temperature alloy, magnetic materials of metallurgical products; and aslo used for making rechargeable batteries, industrial blasting agent, rocket fuel and medical products. Cobalt based alloy powder are hard alloy powde...
  • Iron Powder

    Iron Powder

    Introduction: Iron powder is a kind of improtant metal powder for powder metallurgy,and it requires a large quantity of Fe powder accounts for 85% of the toatl metal powder. The Iron powder mainly used in manufacturing machine parts. Iron-based alloy powder can be used on the working layer of abrasion resistant anticorrosive parts, such as hydraulic turbine blade, nozzle, wearing ring, hydraulic rod. The stainless steel powder has good sphericity configuration with low oxygen content, high hardn...
  • Nickel Powder

    Nickel Powder

    Introduction: Nickel powder can be divided into electrolytic nickel powder, reduced nickel powder and atomized nickel powder. There are widely use in different area. The electrolytic nickel powder and reduced nickel powder are main materials for Powder metallurgy. These powders are widely used in synthetic diamond tools, cemented carbide, electrometallurgy, machinery, energy and other industrial sectors. The Atomized nickel powder is irregular shape, which mainly used in high specific gravity al...
  • Titanium Powder

    Titanium Powder

    Introduction: AEM is a leading producer of Titanium Powders. Our titanium powder range includes two different types of titanium powder and a titanium hydride powder. These titanium powders use high-quality titanium sponge as a raw material, and are manufactured by means of gas-atomization or hydride-dehydride processes. The HDH process enables Titanium and Titanium alloyed material to be embrittled, crushed and sized into powder. AEM has been supplying HDH Titanium and Titanium alloy powder to m...
  • Aluminium Powder

    Aluminium Powder

    Introduction: As the name would suggest, aluminum powder is simply aluminum in powder form and is created using flakes of aluminum. Aluminum powder is a light, silvery-white to gray, odourless powder. It is a reactive flammable material. Aluminium powders is used for several applications such as manufacture of slurry, explosive and detonators, thermit process used for manufacture of ferro alloys and for specialised welding applications such as rails, pyrotechnic to manufacture crackers, sparkles...
  • Copper Powder

    Copper Powder

    Introduction: Copper powder can be divided into electrolytic copper powder and atomized copper powder. The electrolytic copper powder is light rose red dendritic. The copper powder produced by electrolysis has high purity and the particles are dendritic. After subsequent treatment, the dendritic shape is slightly rounded, has a good forming character, and has good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. It is widely used in the production of diamond tools, electric carbon products, fri...
  • Silver Powder

    Silver Powder

    Introduction: Silver is a soft, malleable metal with a characteristic sheen. It has the highest thermal and electrical conductivities of all metals. It is generally found uncombined, or in the sulfide or arsenide ores from which it can be recovered as a cyanide complex which is subsequently reduced to the metal, in aqueous solution, by the use of zinc. The pure metal is stable to water and oxygen but is attacked in air by sulfur bearing compounds to form the characteristic black layer of silver ...
  • Tungsten powder

    Tungsten powder

    Introduction: AEM tungsten powder process method used hydrogen reduction of tungsten trioxide or secondary ammonium tungstate. The process is generally divided into two stages, the first stage is temperatures of 500-700℃, tungsten trioxide reduction. The next step is temperatures of 700-900℃, tungsten oxide reduction of tungsten powder. Reduction reaction in tubular furnace or ratary furnace. Tungsten powders quality depends on the reduction process, especially of purity, particle size, part...
  • Other powder

    Other powder

    Introduction: AEM provides chromium powder, manganese powder, stannum (Tin) powder, molybdenum powder and zinc powder with different particle size. Molybdenum powder is a raw material, widely used in molybdenum and molybdenum alloy production. Some are used for making electric heating elements, molybdenum head and powder metallurgy materials. Chromium powder is used as a hardener in steel, for the manufacture of stainless steel and many useful alloys. It is also employed to give glass an emerald...

    We produce metal and alloy powders of various melting points by using centrifugal disk atomizing equipment , such as various of spherical powder materials: solder, aluminum powder, magnesium powder, tin-lead powder, Tin Zinc alloy powder, copper powder and stainless steel powder. It can produce high quality atomized powder with uniform particle size, good fluidity, alignment and no hollow pores. This kind of atomized powder can be used in 3D printing.


    AEM strives to deliver all orders within the timeframe referenced on the original quotation (Regular delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks). However, should your order be delayed, AEM will contact you with an updated schedule.


    We routinely enter into non-disclosure agreements to protect proprietary process information.


    Upon completion, all products are given a final inspection by one of our quality control specialists. Products are then thoroughly cleansed and packaged in our air-controlled clean room under vacuum seal. All products are sealed in a 5 millimeter.


    All products shipped will be properly labeled and contain the appropriate documentation which includes, but is not limited to, a Certificate of Analysis, Material Safety Data Sheet, and the Packing List. Custom documentation available upon request.


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