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  • Gas Atomized Powders

    AEM has gas atomizers with 1800t per annum capacity. The powders are used in many diverse fields including MIM, additive manufacturing, brazing, and thermal spray.

    AEM’s antisatellite system and hot gas technology allows the production of free-flowing spherical gas atomized powders with median particle sizes from less than 10 microns up to 250 microns. In addition, a versatile small-scale gas atomizing system is available to produce new alloys and specialized trial production lots.

    As well as the more standard types, ASL produces many bespoke stainless steel grades, along with various nickel and cobalt based alloys. ASL does not produce powders with any zinc, titanium or aluminum additions.

  • High Pressure Water Atomized Powders

    AEM has high pressure water atomizers with 2500t per annum capacity. Each water atomizer has a melt size of 800kg which is capable of producing spherical and nonspherical powders with D50’s <10µm to >500µm. ASL is producing a range of powders for PM, filter application and other industry sectors.

    AEM also has a versatile water atomizing system with a 30 kg batch size which produces powder for dental, precious metal and specialized trial production lots. There are the usual stainless steel grades, but also a significant number of bespoke alloy types for many markets. Examples of the standard grades produced are indicated below:

    316L Stainless Steel Filter powders

    Other Stainless-Steel Filter powders (304L, 304B, 310L, 316B)

    Specialist powders for (high corrosion resistance in aggressive media environment) filter application, Monel 400, Hastelloy C22, C276, X, B and Inconel 625

    Structural parts manufacture

    300 Stainless Steel

    400 Stainless Steel

    17/4PH Stainless Steel

    15/5 Stainless Steel

    Wide range of Steel alloys


    Leading sputtering targets manufacturer AEM Deposition, has complete machining center of sputtering targets, and we do all of our machining “In House” to ensure strict adherence to our mechanical specifications. We provide a part of equipments for Materials processing or testing to prove our strength.


    AEM strives to deliver all orders within the timeframe referenced on the original quotation (Regular delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks). However, should your order be delayed, AEM will contact you with an updated schedule.


    We routinely enter into non-disclosure agreements to protect proprietary process information.


    Upon completion, all products are given a final inspection by one of our quality control specialists. Products are then thoroughly cleansed and packaged in our air-controlled clean room under vacuum seal. All products are sealed in a 5 millimeter.


    All products shipped will be properly labeled and contain the appropriate documentation which includes, but is not limited to, a Certificate of Analysis, Material Safety Data Sheet, and the Packing List. Custom documentation available upon request.


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