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AEM Deposition

Thermal Filaments

AEM engages in production of components and parts used for electron beam evaporation, ion source and thermal evaporation, and that includes thermal filament. The quality tests are conducted in the whole production process so as to achieve perfect quality from external dimension to micro structure. We also provides customized services, which enable us to customize parts and components according to different customer requirements.

Classifications of Thermal filaments:

  • 1. Point & Loop Heaters
  • 2. Coil Heaters
  • 3. Basket Heaters
  • 4. Spiral Heaters

Main Applications of Thermal filaments:

1. Offer good heat transfer.

2. Mostly inert in contact with hot metals.

3. Evaporate metals do not wet alumina, resulting in the melt forming a "sphere" that acts as a point source.

4. Heater resistance does not change throughout the deposition since evaporate does not touch the underlying heater material.

5. Works well when thermally evaporating gold.

Precautions for use of Thermal filaments:

Coated heaters can have a longer usable life than non-coated sources when using care in handling and operation. The alumina is semiconductor grade and is applied by a plasma spray technique to a thickness of 0.005". The ends of the basket heater are unsprayed to allow successful connection to the power supply clamps. Coated baskets should not be used where the heater temperature must exceed 1475° C to achieve the required evaporation rate.