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Boride Sputtering Targets

Boride Sputtering Targets

Boride is a compound between boron and a less electronegative element, for example, silicon boride. The borides are classified loosely as boron rich or metal-rich, for example, the compound YB66 at one extreme through to Nd2Fe14B at the other. The borides are a huge group of generally high melting compounds and are covalent more than ionic. The generally accepted definition is that if the ratio of boron atoms to metal atoms is 4:1 or more, the compound is boron rich. If it is less than this, then it is metal-rich. Some borides exhibit beneficial physical properties. The term boride is also loosely applied to compounds such as B12As2 (N.B. Arsenic has an electronegativity higher than boron). That is often referred to as icosahedral boride. Our boride sputtering targets include HfB2, FeB, LaB6, MgB2, TiB2, ZrB2 sputtering targets.


AEM has a solid reputation for its excellent performance. We offer each sputtering target with a certificate of analysis and Safety Data Sheet (SDS).  In the below list, you can get all of Boride Sputtering Targets. By clicking the product name, you can get more details, and you can also click "inquiry" to get affordable prices and high quality.


AEM Deposition, as a target supplier, also offers particular customize targets to the clients. We offer customized target products made of high-purity raw material powder with super fine grain size. These products have the recognized consistent microstructure to achieve a longer life for targets and desired characteristics of the sputtering deposited thin film. For your custom R&D, sputtering target need, or if you do not find the sputtering target as per your requirement. Contact us via email at [email protected] or call us at +86-731-89578196.


We also offer in-house, sputter target bonding services. You can click the link: Target Bonding to know more.


For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Sputtering Targets, please visit this link: Sputtering Targets FAQ.

Boride Sputtering Targets Material List

Product Name Symbol Target Types Purity Details
Cerium Hexaboride Sputtering Target CeB6 Planar 99.50% Detail
Hafnium Boride Sputtering Targets HfB2 Planar 99.50% Detail
Iron Boride Sputtering Targets FeB Planar 99.50% Detail
Lanthanum Hexaboride Sputtering Targets LaB6 Planar 99.50% Detail
Magnesium Diboride Sputtering Targets MgB2 Planar 99.50% Detail
Titanium Boride Sputtering Targets TiB2 Planar 99.50% Detail
Zirconium Boride Sputtering Targets ZrB2 Planar 99.50% Detail