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Pure Metal Targets

Metal sputtering targets are usually made from highly pure metals. They are the most widely used and fundamental coating materials for other sputter deposition technology.

Alloy Targets

Alloy sputtering targets are materials composed of one metal and other metals or non-metals while still showing the some metallic characteristics.

Oxide Targets (Ceramic Sputtering Targets)

Oxide sputtering targets with one or more oxides being the main principal components and other minor oxides being the additives.

Sulfide Targets

Sulfide, also spelled sulphide. Sulfide is a quite common material for sputtering targets. A lot of sulfide compounds has unique properties in optical properties.

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If you're looking for Sputtering targets, we'll work with you to find the best solution for your needs.

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Our Factory

As a Leading sputtering targets manufacturer, AEM Deposition has a complete machining center of sputtering targets. We do all of our machining "In House" to ensure strict adherence to our mechanical specifications. We provide a part of the equipment for Materials processing or testing to prove our strength.


AEM strives to deliver all orders within the timeframe referenced on the original quotation (Regular delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks). However, if your order has the possibility to be delayed, AEM will contact you with an updated schedule.


We routinely enter into non-disclosure agreements to protect proprietary process information.


Upon completion, our quality control specialists give the final inspection to all products. Then Products are thoroughly cleansed and packaged in our air-controlled cleanroom under vacuum seal.


All products shipped are properly labeled and contain the appropriate documentation, which includes, but is not limited to, a Certificate of Analysis, Material Safety Data Sheet, and the Packing List. Custom documentation is available upon request.

Sputtering Targets Applications

Metallurgical Techniques for Material Fabrication


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