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AEM Deposition
Advanced Engineering Materials is one of leading semiconductor materials supplier in China. We are committed to provide high quality wafers & substrates for acdemic research and industry in different applications. Our wafers & substrates are divided into seven parts which widely applied in semicoductor, microelectronics, opto-electronics and Nanotechnology. We have completed auomated production techniques from synthesis and crystal growth to wafer polishing and cleaning. The variety wafers & substrates are enable to meet the customer requirements.

If you want to get the price of substrates & wafers or other information, you can click the “inquiry” button to fill in the inquiry form or send email to [email protected] by your own mailbox, our sales will reply you as soon as possible. And if you need an uncommon material, shape or size, you can do the same to see if we can meet your specific requirements.
For a listing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Substrates & Wafers, please see this link: Substrates & Wafers FAQ.

Types of Thin Film Substrate