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The combustion boat is widely used in laboratory, institute & college. AEM is a well-known organization that is engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting high quality combustion boats. And we bring forth for our clients combustion boats in a variety of sizes and shapes as per their specific needs and preferences. You can choose a heater shape that best matches the substrate's area requirements and the characteristics or form of material you plan to heat. The material used in designing these evaporation boats is thoroughly checked by our professionals from time to time to assure that these are defect free.

Materials of the combustion boats provided by AEM Deposition includes: tungsten boat, molybdenum boat, alumina boat, ceramic boats, platinum boat, tantalum boat, etc.. We also provides customized services, which enable us to customize parts and components according to different customer requirements.

If you want to know the price of these thermal evaporation boats or other information, you can click the “inquiry” button to fill in the inquiry form or send email to [email protected].com by your own mailbox, our sales will reply you as soon as possible. And if you need an uncommon material, shape or size, you can do the same to see if we can meet your specific requirements.

For a listing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Crucibles, please see this link: Combustion Boats FAQ.


Shapes of Combustion Boats Provided by AEM Deposition:

  • 1. Trough Boat
  • 2. Dimple Boat
  • 3. Notched Boat
  • 4. Canoe Boat
  • 5. Holed/ Covered Boat
  • 6. Slab/ Flat/ Dish Boat
  • 7. Well Boat
  • 8. Tube Heater/ Crucible Heater Boat
  • 9. Elongated Dimple Boat
combustion boats

Main Applications of Evaporation Boats:

1. As a container for analysis of material and product applied in various industries;

2. Designed for burning solid material.

Precautions for use of Combustion Boats:

1. Firstly put the items which need to be analyzed and fired into the crucible or sagger, then heat.

2. The speed of heating and drop in temperature are according to the characteristics of equipment and products, fast or slow.

3. Too quick heating or cooling will easily lead to cracking of the combustion Boat. The best way is slowing down, which can prolong the life of them.