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Tungsten Crucible (W)

Tungsten Crucible (W)
Tungsten Crucible (W)

Tungsten Crucible

The tungsten (W) crucibles are an important part and an ideal materials in high temperature furnace because its high melting point.  It has the advantages of low thermal expansion, high density, erosion resistance, high strength and low resistivity properties. The tungsten (W) crucibles are widely used in technologies for growing monocrystals from molten corundum and also used in electronics and technologies for thermal vaporization deposition of various substances.

Tungsten Crucible Information

Product Tungsten (W) Crucible
Material W
Purity 99.5%~99.99%
Surface Finish turning, Polishing
Shape Arc/Square/Rectangle/Cylinder/Boat
Capacity 1-2000 ml  
Density 19.4 g/cm3  
Melting Point 3407℃  

Tungsten Crucible Dimension

Type Top Diameter Height Thickness Angle Volume
W-1 A=0.750" B=0.162" C=0.040" D=30°  1 ml
W-2 A=0.706" B=0.465" C=0.093" D=15°  2 ml
W-4 A=0.885" B=0.595" C=0.125" D=15°  4 ml
W-6 A=0.936" B=0.593" C=0.093" D=15°  6 ml
W-7 A=1.125" B=0.520" C=0.093" D=15°  7 ml
W-12 A=1.350" B=0.680" C=0.125" D=15°  12 ml
W-15 A=1.48" B=0.670" C=0.125" D=15°  15 ml
W-20 A=1.673" B=0.768" C=0.093" D=15°  20 ml
W-25 A=1.85" B=0.680" C=0.093" D=15°  25 ml
W-35 A=2.081" B=0.767" C=0.093" D=15°  35 ml
W-40 A=2.030" B=1.020" C=0.093" D=15°  40 ml
The customized sizes can be porvided accroding to customer's drawings.

Tungsten Crucible Application

- Used in metallurgy industry and mechanism process industry

- Used in crystalloid materials, and other burgeoning high technology industry

- Used in the growing high technology industry and in crystalloid materials

- Laboratory uses

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