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AEM Deposition
Europium (Eu)
Material: Europium Melting Point (°C) 822
Symbol: Eu Boiling Point (°C)  
Atomic Number: 63 Theoretical Density (g/cc)  
Atomic Weight: 151.964 Color/Appearance Silvery White, Metallic

Europium (Eu)
Europium (Eu)

  Material Formular Purity Sputtering Target Evaporation Materials
Pure Metal Europium Eu 99.5% detail  
Compounds Europium Nickel Oxide EuNiO3 99.9% detail  
Compounds Europium Oxide Eu2O3 99.5% detail  
Compounds Europium Titanate EuTiO3 99.9% detail  
Compounds Strontium Aluminate doped with Europium SrAl2O4 with 3 wt% Eu 99.9% detail