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  • Common Sputtering Back Plate Materials and Instructions for Reuse

    views, Updated: 2021-09-16
    Sputtering targets are divided into panels and backplates. Depending on the material, the sputtering target backplate is also different. At present, the common sputtering target backplate materials are mainly oxygen-free copper, molybdenum, stainless steel tubes, indium and other backplate materials. Further details are as follows:
    Back plate material
    Oxygen-free copper (OFC) - at present, the most commonly used material for backplate is oxygen-free copper, because it has good conductivity and thermal conductivity, and is easy to machine. If the maintenance is appropriate, the oxygen-free copper backplate can be reused ten times or more.
    Molybdenum (Mo) – is used in some special conditions, such as high-temperature bonding. Copper oxide-free is easy to be oxidized and warped, so metal molybdenum can be used as the backplate material or the number of thermal expansion system of some targets, such as ceramics or even some metal targets, can not match with copper oxide free. So, metal molybdenum also needs to be used as the backplate material.
    Stainless steel tube (SST) - at present, a stainless steel tube is most commonly used as the rotating target's back tube. The stainless steel tube has good strength and thermal conductivity and is very economical.
    Back plate reuse
    Most of the backplate can be reused, especially those with indium are easy to clean and reuse. If other coating agents (including epoxy resin) are used, the backplate surface may need to be treated by mechanical treatment before reuse.
    First of all, the target should be unloaded for the used backplate, and the backplate should be completely inspected. The inspection focus includes the flatness, integrity and sealing of the backplate. Then confirm whether to reuse according to the results of backplate inspection.
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