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    views, Updated: 2021-09-29
    Sputtering target materials have shown rapid growth and momentum in the international and domestic markets, and the era of scale application and industrialization has come. The development trend of the target industry is firstly market differentiation. Products with low technology content gradually face more fierce competition. Many small target companies have flexible mechanisms and low production costs, making the low-end target market form the price war mode. While the target market in the high-end industries such as magnetic recording, semiconductor, and solar energy continues to show technology leading. Sputtering target suppliers with advanced technology at home and abroad has an absolute advantage in the competition. The coating manufacturers will be more dependent on the target materials suppliers.
    Sputtering target materials show uneven development in different application fields. In the decorative coating industry, coating manufacturers' product transformation, sputtering target capacity is relatively saturated, and the growth space is limited. In the tool coating industry, target companies with technical advantages grow steadily, but not too fast. The scale of the magnetic storage industry continues to expand, the target materials for magnetic recording will flourish, and the international and domestic markets have a large growth. The semiconductor industry needs a wide variety of target materials, each used in a large amount. Target companies with mature technology and strong R & D force will be in the leading position for a long time. The solar energy industry has enormous development potential. In the next 5-10 years, a new green energy industry revolution will be launched. It can be predicted that solar photovoltaic power generation will occupy an important position in world energy consumption soon, replacing part of conventional energy and becoming the main body of the world energy supply. With the further explosive growth of the solar industry, sputtering targets for solar cells will usher in a new round of large-scale growth.
    The development of sputtering target material from the situation that technology and service determine the enterprise's success or failure. Target companies with strong technical force, various R & D products, and several unique products gain the right to speak in the market competition. With the expansion of the scale, the requirements of the sales process for capital are increased, the proportion of capital is increased, and the turnover time is longer, all of which pose higher challenges to the operation and management of the target enterprises. With the expansion and development of the coating industry, the competition in this industry becomes increasingly fierce, and the target suppliers' product service requirements are higher. Coating manufacturers favor target suppliers with good pre-sales and after-sales service.
    Increasing the utilization ratio of the sputtering target is also the trend of target development. The conventional rectangular and cylindrical magnetron sputtering targets are solid. The circular magnetic field is established on the surface of the target by the circular permanent magnet. The etching area is formed on the annular surface with an equal distance between the axes, so the deposited film thickness's uniformity is affected. The utilization ratio of the target is only 20% - 30%. The rotating cylinder magnetron sputtering target is a hollow circular tube, which can rotate around the fixed strip magnet assembly. It can etch the target surface 360 ° uniformly, and the target material utilization rate is as high as 80%. With the rise of the low-carbon economy, energy conservation and environmental protection are the strategic elements to be considered in enterprises' development. The target material serves the energy conservation and environmental protection industry. As far as the industry itself is concerned, it also needs energy conservation and environmental protection production environment.
    On the one hand, to meet the needs of the development of the industry as a whole, and on the other hand, it is also a guarantee to establish the corporate image and win customers' confidence. The existing small-scale target material production plants need to be reconstructed in terms of equipment and working environment. Otherwise, they will not only be challenging to develop but also face the risk of closure.
    In general, the target industry has a bright future. The rapid expansion of the coating industry and the rapid expansion of market demand undoubtedly drive the target market's rapid development. In addition, the target belongs to the field of new materials, which have been highly valued and strongly supported by the state and enterprises. With the increasing demand for the coating market, many target enterprises grow rapidly, become the target industry leader, drive the industry's development, and create considerable economic and social benefits.