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  • Pre Sputtering Time, Power and Water Temperature Control of Sputtering Target

    views, Updated: 2021-09-16
    Sputtering is one of the main technologies for the preparation of thin-film materials. It uses the ions produced by ion sources to accelerate the aggregation in the vacuum, and forms a high-speed ion beam flow, bombarding the solid surface. The bombarded solid is the raw material for the preparation of sputtered thin-film, namely the sputtering target. The sputtering targets is pre sputtered before being used.
    So where we pay attention to in the pre sputtering process? In fact, in the pre sputtering process, we only need to control these three points: Time, power and water temperature.
    Pre sputtering time
    Pure argon is recommended for target pre sputtering, which can clean the target surface. In the process of pre sputtering, it is necessary to check the arc condition of the target, and the pre sputtering time is generally about 10 minutes. If there is no arcing, continue to increase the sputtering power to the set power.
    Pre sputtering power
    It is suggested to slowly increase the sputtering power when the target is pre sputtered, and the power increasing rate of the ceramic target is 1.5WH / cm2. The pre sputtering speed of metal target can be compared with that of the ceramic target, and a reasonable power increase rate is 1.5W H / cm2. According to experience, the maximum sputtering power of metal target is 25 watts / cm2, and that of the ceramic target is 10 watts / cm2. Please also refer to the user's system operation manual to set vacuum chamber pressure during sputtering.
    Cooling water temperature control
    As per experience, it is generally necessary to ensure that the water temperature at the cooling water outlet is lower than 35 ℃. However, the most important thing is to ensure that the cooling water circulation system can work effectively. Taking away heat through the rapid circulation of cooling water is an important guarantee to ensure continuous sputtering with high power. For metal target, it is generally recommended that the cooling water flow be 20 LPM and the water pressure be around 5 GMP. for ceramic target, it is generally recommended that the water flow be 30 LPM and the water pressure be around 9 GMP.
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