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  • Preparation of ITO Sputtering Target by Slurry Casting Forming Atmosphere Sintering

    views, Updated: 2021-09-15
    ITO sputtering target, namely indium tin oxide target, is coated with a transparent and conductive ITO film on a glass substrate or organic film by magnetron sputtering. ITO sputtering target can be prepared by many methods. One of them is the law of sintering in powder casting forming atmosphere.
    Air sintering for slurry casting
    The technological process of preparing high-density target materials by using slurry casting forming technology and atmosphere sintering technology together: The solid phase composition of slurry is composed of mixed powder with an average particle size of less than 1 μ m, and the slurry can be prepared by adding equal binder. The blank body can be obtained by casting forming. The binder can be removed at a certain temperature and then sintered in a certain pressure pure oxygen atmosphere and a certain temperature. As result, a high density ITO sputtering target is prepared.
    Characteristics of air sintering for slurry casting
    It is an emerging target preparation method that powder casting technology and atmosphere sintering technology are used together. Slurry casting technology has the advantages of simple equipment, low production cost, and continuous operation. However, powder performance requirements, slurry performance, mold structure, drying conditions, and other factors are rigorous in slurry casting because the change of these factors affects the quality of the target material. The development direction of the target material is high density, high uniformity, and large size in order to achieve these. The method of combining the slurry casting forming technology and the atmosphere sintering technology has obvious advantages. This kind of high-density target can reduce the occurrence of nodulation and micro-arc in the sputtering process.
    At present, in the market, the size of ITO sputtering target prepared by slurry casting and sintering at atmospheric pressure can reach more than 2200mm × 2500mm. The relative density of the target material can reach more than 99.5%.
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