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  • Preparation of ITO Sputtering Target by Spark Plasma Sintering

    views, Updated: 2021-09-15
    ITO sputtering target has high transmittance and low resistivity. High-quality ITO films need ITO sputtering targets with high density, purity, and uniformity. At present, the preparation methods of ITO sputtering target mainly include hot pressing, cold isostatic pressing sintering, and hot isostatic pressing. Here we will introduce the spark plasma sintering method.
    Spark plasma sintering
    Under the action of pulse current, spark plasma sintering (SPS) can activate the surface of grain through the partial current of sample and gap, generate plasma through partial discharge between pores, and activate and heat the surface of powder grain. Meanwhile, it can heat the mold through the partial current so that the mold begins to transfer heat to the specimen. The temperature of the specimen increases, the specimen shrinks, and produces a certain density. With the increase of the sintering temperature, the shrinkage is finished, and the densification reaches the maximum.
    Characteristics of spark plasma sintering
    Compared to the traditional sintering method, SPS technology can reduce the sintering temperature and increase density and improve the strength and toughness. Using SPS to prepare high density and fine grain ceramics can reduce the sintering temperature and increase the density and considerably shorten the sintering time, effectively saving energy and improving production efficiency for industrial production.
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