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  • Preparation of ITO Sputtering Target: Hot Isostatic Pressure Method

    views, Updated: 2021-09-15
    There are many kinds of transparent conductive films, including ITO sputtering target, TCO sputtering target, AZO sputtering target. ITO sputtering target has the best performance, ITO sputtering target has high transmittance and low resistivity. The theoretical density is 7115g / cm3. High-quality ITO sputtering target should have a relative density ≥ 99%. Such a target has low resistivity, high thermal conductivity and high mechanical strength.
    At present, the preparation methods of ITO sputtering target mainly include hot pressing, cold isostatic pressing sintering, and hot isostatic pressing. The ITO target prepared by hot isostatic pressing has the highest quality, and its relative density can reach more than 99%. However, it needs expensive equipment, high preparation cost, and a long cycle. So, what is the hot isostatic pressure method?
    Hot isostatic pressure method
    The hot isostatic pressing sintering can be regarded as the sintering under pressure and the pressing under high temperature. The powder used for forming is packed in a plastic sheath and placed in a high-pressure vessel. The powder in the vessel has good uniformity and high density under uniform pressure in all directions.
    The hot isostatic pressing method needs to master the high temperature and high-pressure technology. It can meet the international standards in the safety, stability, and reliability of the equipment, and it can be used more in the preparation of new materials. Because the hot isostatic pressing equipment needs to use gas as a pressure medium for pressure sintering at high temperatures, the target material is not easily reduced. At the same time, the gas must be prevented from entering the turbulent billet to ensure the densification of the material. Hot isostatic pressing (hip) sintering can achieve complete densification at relatively low temperature and obtain homogeneous isotropic microstructure. It can also process some other shape targets.
    The ITO target size is limited by equipment pressure and pressure cylinder, so it is impossible to prepare large-scale targets. In addition, the equipment of hot isostatic pressing is expensive, the investment cost is high, the production efficiency is low, the production cost is high, and the product competitiveness is not strong. Therefore, the development of hip technology is limited.
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