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  • What are the Preparations for Sputtering Target Before Use?

    views, Updated: 2021-09-16
    Magnetron sputtering is a new type of physical vapor deposition. The electron gun system is used to shoot and focus the electrons on the material to be plated, making the sputtering atoms follow the momentum conversion principle and fly away from the material with high kinetic energy to the substrate to form a film. This kind of material is called a sputtering target. Here we talk about some preparations before sputtering.
    Sputtering preparation
    It is vital to keep the vacuum cavity, especially to keep the sputtering system clean. Any residue formed by lubricating oil, dust, and previous coating collects moisture and other pollutants, directly affecting the vacuum degree and increasing the possibility of film formation failure. Short circuit or arcing of the target, rough film-forming surface, and excessive chemical impurities content are often caused by the unclean sputtering chamber, sputtering gun, and target.
    1. To maintain the composition characteristics of the coating, the sputtering gas (argon or oxygen) must be clean and dry. After the substrate is installed in the sputtering chamber, the air must be extracted to reach the vacuum required by the process.
    2. Dark area shielding cover, cavity wall, and adjacent surface also need to be kept clean. When cleaning the vacuum cavity, we suggest using the glass ball shot blasting method to deal with the dirty parts. It is better to use compressed air to remove the sputtering residue around the cavity at the early stage, and then use the alumina impregnated sandpaper to polish the surface gently. After the paper is polished, it should be cleaned with alcohol, acetone, and deionized water. At the same time, it is recommended to use the industrial vacuum cleaner for auxiliary cleaning.
    3. Vacuum sealed plastic bag packaging, built-in moisture-proof agent.
    4. Do not touch the target directly with your hands when using the target. Please wear clean and lint-free protective gloves before using the target. Do not touch the target directly with your hands.
    AEM Deposition, as a professional sputtering target manufacturer, specializes in producing and providing all kinds of pure metal sputtering targets, alloy sputtering targets, ceramic sputtering targets. See the table below for further details:
    Pure Metal Sputtering Target Alloy Sputtering Target Oxide Sputtering Target Sulfide Sputtering Target
    Boride Sputtering Target Carbide Sputtering Target Silicide Sputtering Target
    Telluride Sputtering Target Nitride Sputtering Target Fluoride Sputtering Target  

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