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Cobalt Powder

Cobalt Powder
Cobalt Powder


Cobalt powder has three forms for reduced, electrolytic and atomized. It's one of the key ingredinents of spuerhard alloy. The properties determined the bonding poperty, strength and toughness of spuerhard alloy. It is widely used for hard alloy, diamond tool, high temperature alloy, magnetic materials of metallurgical products; and aslo used for making rechargeable batteries, industrial blasting agent, rocket fuel and medical products.

Cobalt based alloy powder are hard alloy powder which can resist various wear, corrosion and oxidation at high temperature. It contains considerable proportion of Cr and W and a small amount of Ni, Mo, Si, C, Nb, Ta elements, and the Co is the main ingredinent. These cobalt alloy powders are used in overlayed welding, spray welding process, which also can fabricate casting and powder metallurgy components, such as high temperature pressure valve, sawthtooth and helical rotor.

Most of our customers are alloy fabrication companies and coating companies from all over the world. They ordered a large quantities for one time. The cobalt powder supplier AEM provides high density powders with customized sizes. If you did not find the size you need, please email us. Or you have any questions about powders, please contact us. We'll be very glad to provide helps.

Cobalt Metal powder

Cobalt metal powder is specifically designed and manufactured for use in high-quality cemented carbide and related products. The hard metal industry demands Cobalt spherical powder with high standards of purity, fine particle size and consistent particle size distribution. Cobalt atomized powder is used for manufacturing of Diamond Tools. Main Diamond Tools which are produced using Cobalt are Diamond Segments, Tool Wires, Tool Blades, etc which are used for cutting of Stones such as Marbles, Granite, etc.

Grade Product Name Chemical Composition (wt%) Particle Size Apparent Density (g/cm3) Properties
Co-1 Cobalt powder Co: ≥ 99.5%
Ni: 0.05
Fe: 0.01
Na: 0.015
Cu: 0.01
Zn: 0.08
C: 0.030
S: 0.03
Mn: 0.008
O: 0.50
 ≤ 2 um,
 -200 mesh,
 -300 mesh
 customized sizes avaliable
0.7 - 1.0  Lightgray, electrolytic,
Reduced, Atomized

Cobalt Alloy Powder

Cobalt alloy powder include CoCr, CoCrMoSi, MCrAlY, CoCrW etc.  The spherical shape with excellent fluidity. The particle distribution is between 0-15um, 15-53um 50-150um. Cobalt 3D print metal powder used in aerospace, molds, automotive, medical instruments etc.

Grade Product Name Chemical Composition (wt%) Particle Size Hardness Temperature
Co-2 CoCrMoSi alloy powder Co: Bal
Cr: 8.0
Mo: 28
Si: 2.6
 -130+270 mesh
HRC 54 ≤ 840℃
Co-3 CoCrMoSi alloy powder Co: Bal
Cr: 17.5
Mo: 35
Si: 3.4
 -130+270 mesh
HRC 53 ≤ 840℃
Co-4 CoCr alloy powder Co: Bal
Cr: 28
C: 0.25
Ni: 3.0
Si: 1.0
 -130+270 mesh
HRC 55 ≤ 840℃
Co-5 CoCrW alloy powder Co: Bal
Cr: 31.5
W: 12.5
C: 2.5
Ni: 3.0
Si: 1.4
 -130+270 mesh
HRC 50 ≤ 840℃
Co-6 CoCrW alloy powder Co: Bal
Cr: 30
W: 8
C: 1.6
Ni: 3.0
Si: 1.4
 -130+270 mesh
HRC 45 ≤ 840℃
Co-7 CoCrW alloy powder Co: Bal
Cr: 30
W: 4.5
C: 1.0
Ni: 3.0
Si: 1.4
 -130+270 mesh
HRC 40 ≤ 840℃
Co-8 CoCrMoSi alloy powder Co: Bal
Cr: 25.5
W: 7.5
C: 0.5
Ni: 10.5
Si: 1.0
 -130+270 mesh
HRC 30 ≤ 840℃
Co-9 CoCrMoSi alloy powder Co: Bal
Cr: 21.0
W: 5.0
C: 0.1
Ni: 1.0
Si: 1.6
B: 2.4
 -130+270 mesh
HRC 50 ≤ 840℃
Co-10 MCrAlY alloy powder Co: Bal
Cr: 29.0
Al: 6.0
Y: 0.5
Si: 2.0
 -130+270 mesh
HRC 20 - 30 ≤1000℃
Co-11 MCrAlY alloy powder Co: Bal
Cr: 23.0
Al: 8.0
Y: 0.8
Ni: 30
 -130+270 mesh
HRC 20 - 30 ≤ 1050℃
Co-12 MCrAlY alloy powder Co: Bal
Cr: 24.0
Al: 7.5
Y: 0.8
Ta: 10
Si: 0.8
C: 2.0
 -130+270 mesh
          - ≤ 1100℃
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