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  • Characteristics, Application and Introduction of Cast Iron

    Cast iron is the name for a mixture of many elements, including carbon, silicon and iron (hence, iron powder is often used). The higher the carbon content is, the better the flow characteristics will be. Here, carbon is in the form of graphite and iron carbide (carbon can also be used to make graphite crucibles).
    The most common cast iron thing around us is the sewer cover. Usually, we may pay little attention to it. But it is a real cast iron product. The reason why cast iron has such a large and wide range of uses is mainly because of its excellent fluidity and its easy pouring into various complex forms.
    The sewer cover is made of cast iron. One of the reasons is that there is graphite in the cast iron. Therefore, it has excellent wear resistance. Rust usually only appears on the top layer, so it is usually polished. Even so, there are special measures to prevent rusting in the pouring process, that is, adding a layer of asphalt coating on the surface of the casting, and the asphalt penetrates into the pores on the surface of the cast iron, so as to play a role of rust prevention.
    Material properties
    Cast iron has excellent fluidity, low cost, good wear resistance, low solidification shrinkage, high compression strength and good machinability.
    Typical use
    Cast iron has been used for hundreds of years. It can be used in the fields of architecture, bridge, engineering parts, home furnishings, kitchen appliances and so on.
    For iron in cast iron, it can be made into spherical iron powder for 3D printing, can be used as iron sputtering target, can also be used as evaporation material of iron pellets. Mixed with alloy, iron can also be made into Fe-Al sputtering target, Ni-Fe sputtering target and so on. The silicon in cast iron can be used to make all kinds of silicide sputtering targets.
    In a word, cast iron is useful in our life.