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  • Surface Treatment Process of Physical Vapor Deposition (Attached Figure)

    Physical vapor deposition refers to the deposition of the evaporated material and its reaction products on the workpiece by using the arc discharge technology of low voltage and high current under the vacuum condition, using the gas discharge to evaporate the target and ionize the evaporated material and gas, and using the acceleration of electric field.
    The main methods of PVD are vacuum evaporation, sputtering, arc plasma, ion and MBE. At present, physical vapor deposition technology can deposit metal films, alloy films, compounds, ceramics, semiconductors, polymer films, etc.
    So, what is the process of physical vapor deposition? Look directly at the following figure:

    From the above diagrams, we can directly see that argon dissociates into positively charged argon ions (argon plasma effect) and negatively charged electrons through high voltage. Finally deposited on the surface of the workpiece.
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