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  • The Process of ITO Sputtering Target Prepared by Sintering at Atmospheric Pressure

    ITO sputtering target material is indium tin oxide target material. Through magnetron sputtering technology, a layer of transparent and conductive film is plated on glass substrate or organic film, that is ITO film. ITO sputtering target can be prepared by many methods. The sintering law under normal pressure is one of them.
    The normal pressure sintering method is to prepare high-density target blank by means of pre pressing (or slurry casting). The target blank is sintered in a certain atmosphere and temperature. Through the control of sintering temperature and sintering atmosphere, the growth of target blank grain is effectively controlled to achieve high densification of target and uniformity of grain distribution.
    Advantages of sintering at atmospheric pressure
    The target size obtained by the atmospheric sintering method is not limited by the equipment, with high production efficiency, less equipment investment, low production cost, high product density, low oxygen deficiency rate, large size, excellent target performance, which is suitable for the performance requirements of high-end display coating target.
    Technical difficulties of sintering at atmospheric pressure
    The advantages of atmospheric sintering are obvious, but many technical difficulties have not been overcome. For example, the control of powder purity, particle size and powder oxygen content; the selection and addition of powder binder, the forming of high-density plain billet, etc.; the control of sintering atmosphere and temperature; the control of target internal defects, deformation, cracks and other defects in the sintering process. These techniques lead to the fact that this method is the most difficult to sinter compared with other methods. In order to obtain dense sinter, it is often necessary to improve the sintering activity of raw powder or add sintering aids. It is difficult to remove the activator and sintering assistant from the sinter.
    At present, the density of ITO target material can reach more than 99.5% and the maximum size of target material can reach more than 2200 × 2500mm. For large-scale ITO target, because of the technical difficulty, only some companies can achieve it.
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