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Yttrium Evaporation Material (Y)

Yttrium Evaporation Material (Y)
Yttrium Evaporation Material (Y)
Material Type Yttrium
Symbol Y
Atomic Weight 88.90585
Atomic Number 39
Color/Appearance Silvery White, Metallic
Thermal Conductivity 17.2 W/m.K
Melting Point (°C) 1,522
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 10.6 x 10-6/K
Theoretical Density (g/cc) 4.47
Z Ratio 0.835
E-Beam Excellent
Thermal Evaporation Techniques Boat:  W, Ta
Coil:  W
Basket:  W
Crucible:  Al2O3
E-Beam Crucible Liner Material Tungsten
Temp. (°C) for Given Vap. Press. (Torr) 10-8:  830
10-6:  973
10-4:  1,157
Comments High Ta solubility.


Yttrium is a chemical element with symbol Y and atomic number 39. It is a silvery-metallic transition metal chemically similar to the lanthanides and has often been classified as a "rare-earth element". Yttrium is almost always found in combination with lanthanide elements in rare-earth minerals, and is never found in nature as a free element. 89Y is the only stable isotope, and the only isotope found in the Earth's crust.

Material Notes

AEM Deposition provides Yttrium pellets, Yttrium pieces, and Yttrium powder for sale, purity is 99.9%.

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