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Antimony Selenide Sputtering Targets (Sb2Se3)

Antimony Selenide Sputtering Targets (Sb2Se3)
Antimony Selenide Sputtering Targets (Sb2Se3)
Material Type Antimony Selenide
Symbol Sb2Se3
Color/Appearance Grey to black, Crystalline Solid
Melting Point (°C) 611
Z Ratio 5.81
Sputter RF, RF-R, DC
Max Power Density*
(Watts/Square Inch)
Type of Bond Indium, Elastomer


Antimony triselenide is the chemical compound with the formula Sb2Se3. The material exists as the sulfosalt mineral antimonselite, which crystallizes in an orthorhombic space group. In this compound, antimony has the oxidation state +3 and selenium -2, but in fact the bonding in this compound is highly covalent as reflected by the black color and semiconducting properties of this and related materials. It may be formed by the reaction of antimony with selenium.  Antimony selenide is a promising thermoelectric material with a high Seebeck coefficient, but its figure of merit is limited by its low electrical conductivity. 

Material Notes

Antimony Selenide Sputtering Target, Purity is 99.999%; Circular: Diameter <= 14inch, Thickness >= 1mm; Block: Length <= 32inch, Width <= 12inch, Thickness >= 1mm.


Other Information of  Antimony Selenid Sputtering Targets

  PVD and CVD display
• Semiconductor

• Optical

• High purity
• Custom Sizes Available

Manufacturing Process
• Manufacturing - Cold pressed - Sintered, Elastomer bonded to backing plate

• Cleaning and final packaging, Cleaned for use in vacuum,
Protection from environmental contaminants
Protection during shipment


• Up to 12'' Diameter Targets Available

• Planar Tiles Up to 8'' X 5'' for Larger Target Configurations

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