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  • Sputtering Targets for Flat Panel Display Applications

    Large Sizes & Diverse Display Types In the FPD (Flat Panel Display) Market, We Constantly Work to Maintain a Stable, High-Quality Material Supply.

    We do the following to ensure our customers have stable, high quality materials needed for flat-panel displays.
    - We obtain materials from sources all over the world.
    - Our quality control facilities and system support large targets (supports G8 generation and even super-large glass substrates).
    - We work along with the Chiba Institute of Super Materials to ensure that ideal materials are provided to customer production processes.


    - We support sputtering targets for all fields including TFT, OLED (LTPS: Low-temperature polysilicon) and touch panels.
    - Ultrasonic defect testers ensure meticulous quality assurance.
    - High-reliability metal bonding technology
    - Large sputtering targets are very heavy so technology for bonding to a cooling plate (backing plate) is extremely important.
    - Low-particle targets
    - Attaining high uniformity by adjusting the metal microstructure
    - Cu-Mg-Al Alloy for Low-Resistance Copper Wiring
    - Ideal target for deposition forming in low-resistance wiring processes. (Stacking structure uses Cu-Mg-Al alloy as adhesion layer for pure copper film)
    - Good adhesion to glass substrates, oxide layers (ITO, etc.), and silicon system under layers (SiO2).
    - Wet etch processing is easy because the copper material is similar to the wiring layer material. (Processing can also use etching solution (single fluid) not containing hydrogen peroxide or fluoric acid.)
    - Low-cost process
    - Inexpensive target material

    Sputtering Targets for FPD

    Application Field  Materials  Purpose of Use 
    Low temperature poly-Si TFT materials Al(5N) & Al alloy  Wiring materials
    High temperature poly-Si TFT materials  AlSi(5N) & AlCu(5N) Wiring materials 
    Rear projection televisions Ti(4N5) Electrode/barrier materials
    High-definition monitors  WSi  Electrode materials
    PDP  Al(5N) & Al alloy  Wiring materials 
    PDP-TV  Cr(3N)  Barrier/ adhesion film materials
    Cu(4N)  Wiring materials
    Mobile terminals  Ag & Ag alloy  Reflective/ electrode  
    Mg  Electrode 
    Al & Al alloy  Wiring/electrode
    FED/SED materials  Al(5N) & Al alloy Wiring materials 
    Monitors/TVs  Cr(3N) Barrier/ adhesion film materials
    Various precious metals(4N) Wiring materials
    Nb(3N) Electrode materials
    STN, color filter materials  Si & SiO2(4N)  Insulating/under-layer material 
    Mobile phones/terminals  Cr(3N)  BM materials
    Ag alloy(4N)  STN reflective electrode materials
    Amorphous Si-TFT materials  Al(5N) & AlCe alloy  Wiring materials
    Cu(4N) & Cu alloy  Wiring materials
    Cr(3N)  Electrode/barrier materials
    Ti(3N)  Electrode/barrier materials