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  • Rotatable Sputtering Targets Provided by AEM Deposition

    views, Updated: 2021-09-29

    We all know, Compared to standard planar sputtering targets, our rotatable sputtering targets greatly increase material utilization for thin-film deposition of large areas. This savings is especially valuable for photovoltaic and solar power applications and reflective coatings in mirrors and high-temperature coatings.

    As the world-leading producer of thin-film deposition materials, AEM Deposition provides:

    1. Broad range of highly engineered precious metal and non-precious metal rotatable sputtering targets as well as innovative alloys or ceramics developed specifically for your application.
    2. High purity materials with optimized microstructure for complete coverage.
    3. Materials with consistent quality for extended product life.
    4. Customization capability to match appropriate materials for the highest performance.

    Cylindrical sputtering targets have many advantages over planar as below:

    Rotatable sputtering targets increase run time and are more cost-effective for high volume processes for large area coating. AEM Deposition supplies a range of precious and non-precious metals as well as ceramic and inorganic targets with customized chemistries:

    1. Larger erosion zones that provide 2 to 2.5 times the material utilization.
    2. Longer target life that reduces the frequency of downtime for change-outs and chamber maintenance.
    3. Custom manufacturing in monolithic, segmented, or thermal spray formats.
    4. End features that are precision machined for individual cathode system designs.

    Supporting photovoltaic and solar powder applications:

    AEM Deposition also supports the photovoltaic and solar power industry as well as high-temperature and reflective coating applications with rotatable sputtering targets as well as multiple materials including:

    1. Ability to supply materials to any size operation from R&D to full-scale production.
    2. Optimum grain size & uniform microstructure assure consistent process performance.
    3. Complete homogeneity and high purity levels produce consistent coverage.
    4. Solar power cell options include CIGS, CdTe and amorphous-Si, and Multi-junction.
    5. Do you have a high volume large-area coating process that would benefit from the use of rotatable sputtering targets? Explore your options by contacting a Materion specialist.