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  • Titanium Powder Preparation by Reduction Method

    views, Updated: 2021-09-13
    Titanium and titanium alloy powder preparation methods can be divided into the following two types: 1) titanium compound reduction method. 2) titanium raw material crushing or atomization method. Besides, titanium powder needs to be modified to meet the special technological requirements.
    Preparation of titanium powder by reduction method
    The reduction method mainly includes two processes of "thermal reduction" and "electrochemical reduction". In the thermal reduction process, TiCl4 or TiO2 is used as raw materials, and magnesium, sodium, calcium or hydride are used to reduce TiCl4 or TiO2 at a certain temperature to obtain titanium powder products.
    The Kroll Process with TiCI4 as raw material and magnesium as a reducing agent is characterized by a short process, high stability, and easy industrialization. It is the primary process of large-scale industrial production of titanium sponge at present.
    In the reduction method with TiO2 as raw material, calcium magnesium or hydride is used as a reducing agent to reduce TiO2 particles to titanium powder directly.
    Among them, Russia uses CaH2 to reduce TiO2, and the oxygen content of the titanium powder can reach 0.1 wt%, but it has not formed large-scale production. Some Japanese enterprises have developed the "non-contact" calcium vapor thermal reduction process (PRP) of TiO2 preform, and the oxygen content of the titanium powder is about 0.3wt%.
    Some enterprises in the United States have recently developed the "hydrogen assisted magnesium thermal reduction" (HAMR) technology. With the help of hydrogen to reduce the reaction potential energy of magnesium reduction of TiO2, activate the reaction, improve the atomic diffusion rate, and the oxygen content is less than 0.15wt%.
    Preparation of titanium powder by electrochemical reduction process
    The electrochemical reduction process uses TiO2 as cathode, graphite electrode as the anode, alkaline earth salt (such as CaCl2) solution as the electrolyte to deoxidize TiO2 to obtain titanium powder. This method is called the FFC Cambridge method. Compared with the traditional Kroll Method, this method has a clean, short process, and low cost. However, FFC Cambridge method has some problems, such as low current efficiency and incomplete reduction, so it has not been industrialized yet.
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