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  • Process and Characteristics of Metal Powder Injection Molding Technology

    views, Updated: 2021-09-17
    MIM (metal powder injection molding) is a new forming technology of powder metallurgy, which is introduced into powder metallurgy field.
    MIM process
    Firstly, the solid powder and organic binder are uniformly mixed. After granulation, in the state of heating and plasticizing (~ 150 ℃), the injection molding machine is used to inject into the mold cavity for curing. The binder in the blank is removed by chemical or thermal decomposition method, and finally, the final product is obtained by sintering and densification. Compared with the traditional process, it has the advantages of high precision, uniform structure, excellent performance, and low production cost.
    MIM process characteristics
    The technology of metal powder injection molding is the product of the combination of plastic molding technology, polymer chemistry, powder metallurgy technology, and metal materials science. The design idea can be materialized into a certain structure and function quickly and accurately by using the mold to mold the blank and sintering the high-density, high-precision, and three-dimensional complex shape structural parts. It is a new revolution of the manufacturing technology industry that the products can be produced directly in batches.
    The process technology not only has the advantages of less conventional P / M process, no cutting or less cutting, high economic benefits but also overcomes the disadvantages of traditional P / M process products, uneven materials, low mechanical properties, difficult to form thin-walled, complex structures, especially suitable for mass production of small, complex and special requirements of metal parts.
    Metal powder for MIM
    The particle size of the metal powder used in the MIM process is generally 0.5 ~ 20 μ m. theoretically, the finer the particle, the larger the specific surface area, and the easier it to form and sinter. However, the traditional powder metallurgy process uses coarser powder larger than 40 μm. AEM provides metal powders that can be used for MIM. Please refer to the following table for details:
    Tantalum Powder
    More Powder

    MIM process uses micron fine powder, which can accelerate sintering shrinkage and improve mechanical properties, fatigue life, stress corrosion resistance, and magnetic properties. Its products are widely used in electronic information engineering, biomedical equipment, office equipment, automobile, machinery, hardware, sports equipment, horology, weapons, aerospace, and other industrial fields.