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  • What is the Cause of Coating Shrinkage? How to Solve It?

    views, Updated: 2021-09-29
    Various problems may occur during electrostatic powder spraying. The coating shrinkage is one of them. So, when we encounter the coating shrinkage cavity, how should we deal with it?
    To face coating shrinkage, we should first clear up the thinking, find causes of coating shrinkage, and then find corresponding solutions according to the grounds. Some reasons and solutions for coating shrinkage are attached as follows:
    (1) Shrinkage caused by residual surfactant due to unclean pretreatment and oil removal or polluted water after oil removal
    Solution: Control the concentration and proportion of pre degreasing tank and degreasing tank, reduce the oil content of workpiece and strengthen the effect of water ishing.
    (2) Water quality shrinkage caused by excessive oil content
    Solution: Add the water inlet filter to prevent oil leakage of water supply pump.
    (3) Shrinkage caused by the excessive water content of compressed air
    Solution: Discharge compressed air condensate in time.
    (4) Shrinkage caused by moisture in the powder.
    Solution: Improve the storage and transportation conditions of powder, add a dehumidifier to ensure the timely use of recovered powder
    (5) The oil on the suspension chain is blown to the air conditioning wind's workpiece and causes shrinkage.
    Solution: Change the position and direction of the air supply outlet.
    (6) Shrinkage caused by mixing powder.
    Solution: Clean the powder spraying system thoroughly when changing powder.

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