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  • Application Field of Metal Powder Injection Molding Technology

    Metal powder injection molding technology is a new near net shape forming technology of powder metallurgy, which introduces modern plastic injection molding technology into the field of powder metallurgy.
    Metal powder injection molding technology has the characteristics of high precision, uniform structure, excellent performance and low production cost. It can be widely used in biomedical devices, office equipment, automobile, machinery, hardware, aerospace and other industrial fields. The details are as follows:
    1. Computer and its auxiliary facilities: such as printer parts, magnetic core, striker pin, driving parts;
    2. Tools: such as drill, cutter head, nozzle, gun drill, screw milling cutter, punch, socket, wrench, electrical tools, hand tools, etc;
    3. Household appliances: such as watch case, watch chain, electric toothbrush, scissors, fan, golf head, jewelry chain link, ballpoint pen clamp, cutting tool knife head and other parts;
    4. Parts for medical machinery: such as dental orthoses, scissors, tweezers;
    5. Military parts: missile tail, gun parts, warhead, drug shield, credit parts;
    6. Electrical parts: electronic package, micro motor, electronic parts, sensor parts;
    7. Mechanical parts: such as cotton loosening machine, textile machine, edge curling machine, office machinery, etc;
    8. Automobile and marine parts: such as clutch inner ring, fork sleeve, distributor sleeve, valve guide, synchronous hub, air bag, etc.
    AEM provides all kinds of metal powder and spherical powder suitable for metal powder injection molding technology. If you are interested, please click the link in the table below for more details.
    Tantalum Powder
    More Powder