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  • Application of Aluminum Powder and Aluminum Alloy Powder

    Aluminum powder is a kind of silver white metal powder, which can be used to make paints, inks, pigments and fireworks. It can also be used as an additive of porous concrete. Aluminum powder can also be used for treatment and medical supplies. In addition, aluminum powder can also be used in the automobile and aircraft industry. Aluminum powder can be divided into spherical aluminum powder, irregular aluminum powder and aluminum alloy powder. Its specific application is as follows:
    Spherical aluminum alloy powder
    Using the nitrogen atomization system of vacuum furnace, we can produce various series of aluminum alloy powder with the particle size of 1-100 μ M. we can produce aluminum alloy powder according to the customer's requirements.
    Irregular aluminum powder
    Air atomized irregular aluminum powder, with aluminum content over 99.7% and particle size of 8-500 mesh, is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, fireworks, explosives, etc.
    Spherical aluminum powder
    Nitrogen atomized spherical aluminum powder, with aluminum content of more than 99.75%, particle size of 1-45 μ m, and even particle size distribution; widely used in metal pigments, solar electronic slurry, refractory, chemical, military, metallurgy, 3D printing, etc.
    High purity aluminum powder
    Using 99.993% aluminum ingot, aluminum powder has high aluminum content and low impurity content. It is used in high-grade metal pigments, electronic materials, chemical industry, etc.
    Spherical aluminum powder
    Using aluminum water as raw material directly, it has high purity, narrow particle size distribution, high quality and low price. Products are widely used in photovoltaic, metal pigments, powder metallurgy, military industry, alloy additives and many other industries.
    AEM not only provides aluminum powder, but also tantalum powder, niobium powder, hafnium powder, molybdenum powder, chromium powder, etc. The specific powder products are shown in the table below.
    Tantalum Powder
    More Powder
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