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  • Preparation of Ultrafine Metal Powder by Air Flow Milling

    Ultrafine metal powder has the characteristics of small particle size and large specific surface area. The metal parts made of it have excellent mechanical properties, special magnetism, high conductivity and diffusion, high reaction activity and catalytic activity. Therefore, ultrafine metal powder materials can be widely used in aerospace, ship, automobile, metallurgy, chemical industry and other fields.
    Ultrafine metal powder can be prepared by mechanical method and physical method. Today, the author will share with you the preparation method of ultra-fine metal powder - airflow grinding method.
    Air flow milling is the most widely used method to prepare magnetic material powder. The specific process is as follows: after passing through the specially designed nozzle, the compressed gas is accelerated to supersonic air flow and ejected to the central grinding area of the grinder, so as to drive the materials in the grinding area to collide with each other, so that the powder can be crushed and refined; after the air flow expands, it will enter the classification area with the material rising, and the material with the particle size will be separated by the turbo classifier, and the rest of the coarse powder will return to the grinding area Grind until the required particle size is separated. The whole production process can run continuously and automatically, and the particle size of the powder can be controlled by adjusting the speed of the grading wheel (the average particle size is 3-8 m). The air flow grinding method is suitable for large-scale industrial production with mature technology. The disadvantage is that in the production process of metal powder, continuous inert gas or nitrogen must be used as the compressed gas source, which consumes a large amount of air; it is only suitable for crushing and pulverizing brittle metals and alloys.
    AEM Deposition is a professional metal powder manufacturer and supplier, which can supply all kinds of pure metal powder. Such as hafnium powder, molybdenum powder, titanium powder, chromium powder, niobium powder, etc. See the table below for details.
    Tantalum Powder
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