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  • What Industries is Metal Powder Injection Molding (PIM) Suitable for?

    In recent years, with the 3C industry starting to take a more high-end metal line or even ceramic line, so from the quantity and processing method, metal powder injection molding can not be more appropriate. So what are the applications of PIM in the industry?
    The application of metal powder injection molding in the industry can be divided into two categories: civil and military. Civil category mainly refers to 3C, medical treatment, tools, automobile, communication, lighting, wearing, locks, catering, etc. Military industry refers to aerospace and machinery. The details are as follows:
    3C industry
    In the 3C industry, the use of MIM is becoming more and more popular. From the first mobile phone vibrator to the card slot and metal parts on the charger in the 3C mobile phone industry, the 3C industry takes quantity first, and for MIM, the use in this industry is like a duck to water.
    Medical industry
    In the medical industry, MIM is also widely used in foreign countries, similar to the production of dental hoops. Of course, CIM is also used to make braces, which is more anti allergic than MIM. Of course, in the medical industry, there are also living forceps for making, similar to those used for gastroscopy.
    Tool industry
    In the aspect of tool manufacturing, PIM is also used. Many tools use cemented carbide materials, which have high hardness. If other production methods are used, such as turning an internal thread and an external thread, the PIM process can be successfully made in one step, while other processes will require tools with higher hardness than cemented carbide.
    Automobile industry
    In the automobile industry, PIM is also used. Similar to those turbines and rotors, its structure is quite complex. If PIM is used for production, it will be more appropriate.
    Communication industry
    In order to distinguish 3C industry, some optical brazing bases and joints can be made by PIM process, and their structures are relatively complex. For the huge replacement demand in the future, PIM technology is a good solution.
    Lighting industry
    In lighting industry, alumina burner is used more frequently in lighting industry, which needs large output and complex structure
    Wearing industry
    In luxury goods, more and more people tend to use PIM to produce, especially in CIM industry. MIM industry is used in watch case, while in high-end watch industry, ceramics are also used everywhere. Some limited edition and commemorative edition are especially suitable for CIM production. On the one hand, the ceramic is wear-resistant, on the other hand, it is very difficult to make special ceramic powder.
    Lock industry
    In the production of locks in the industry, PIM technology is also quite appropriate.
    Catering trade
    The more successful cases are the ceramic grinder for grinding pepper and the grinder for grinding coffee beans.
    Military industry
    Firearms industry
    In general, in the firearms industry, the structure of parts is relatively complex, and MIM is used for mass production.
    Aerospace Industry
    In this industry, the requirements for materials are particularly high. One kind of fastening device made of ceramics is made by CIM process, but the quantity is not too large, so it is mainly used for research and development.
    With all that said, what metal powders are available for injection molding? AEM deposition, as a professional metal powder supplier, can provide cobalt powder, chromium powder, hafnium powder and other metal powder. See the following table for details:
    Tantalum Powder
    More Powder

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