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Tungsten Oxide Evaporation Material (WO3)

Tungsten Oxide Evaporation Material (WO3)
Material Type Tungsten Oxide
Symbol WO3
Color/Appearance Lemon Yellow, Solid
Melting Point (°C) 1,473
Theoretical Density (g/cc) 7.16
Z Ratio **1.00
E-Beam Good
Thermal Evaporation Techniques Boat:  W
E-Beam Crucible Liner Material Tungsten
Temp. (°C) for Given Vap. Press. (Torr) 10-4:  980
Comments Preheat gently to outgas. W reduces oxide slightly.


Tungsten(VI) oxide, also known as tungsten trioxide or tungstic anhydride, WO3, is a chemical compound containing oxygen and the transition metal tungsten. It is obtained as an intermediate in the recovery of tungsten from its minerals. Tungsten ores are treated with alkalis to produce WO3. Further reaction with carbon or hydrogen gas reduces tungsten trioxide to the pure metal.

Material Notes

AEM Deposition provides Tungsten Oxide pellets, Tungsten Oxide pieces, and Tungsten Oxide powder for sale, purity is 99.9%.

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