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Boron Sputtering Targets (B)

Boron Sputtering Targets (B)
Boron Sputtering Targets (B)
Material Type Boron
Symbol B
Atomic Weight 10.811
Atomic Number 5
Color/Appearance Black, Semi-metallic
Thermal Conductivity 27 W/m.K
Melting Point (°C) 2,079
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 6 x 10-6/K
Theoretical Density (g/cc) 2.34
Z Ratio 0.389
Sputter RF
Max Power Density*
(Watts/Square Inch)
Type of Bond Indium, Elastomer
Comments Explodes with rapid cooling. Forms carbide with container.


Boron is a chemical element with symbol B and atomic number 5. Produced entirely by cosmic ray spallation and supernovae and not by stellar nucleosynthesis, it is a low-abundance element in the Solar system and in the Earth's crust. Boron is concentrated on Earth by the water-solubility of its more common naturally occurring compounds, the borate minerals. These are mined industrially as evaporites, such as borax and kernite. The largest known boron deposits are in Turkey, the largest producer of boron minerals.Elemental boron is a metalloid that is found in small amounts in meteoroids but chemically uncombined boron is not otherwise found naturally on Earth. Industrially, very pure boron is produced with difficulty because of refractory contamination by carbon or other elements.

Material Notes

Boron Sputtering Targets, Purity is 99.5%;
Circular: Diameter <= 14inch, Thickness >= 1mm;
Block: Length <= 32inch, Width <= 12inch, Thickness >= 1mm.


Other Information of Boron Sputtering Targets

• Semiconductor
• Flat panel displays
Competitive pricing
• High purity
• Grain refined, engineered microstructure
• Semiconductor grade

Manufacturing Process
  Three-layer electrolytic process
• Melting and casting
  Electrical resistance furnace - Semi-continuous casting
• Grain refinement
  Thermomechanical treatment
• Cleaning and final packaging - Cleaned for use in vacuum
  Protection from environmental contaminants
  Protection during shipment
99.5% minimum purity
• Smaller sizes also available for R&D applications
• Sputtering target bonding service
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