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Intermetallic Crucible (BN-TiB2)

Intermetallic Crucible (BN-TiB2)
Intermetallic Crucible (BN-TiB2)

Intermetallic Crucible

Intermetallic crucibles have proven to be a reliable choice for thermal evaporation of aluminum. Due to the wetting characteristics of liquid aluminum, taller crucibles help inhibit the spill over of the material by maintaining a cool lip around the top. Tall intermetallic crucibles offer a longer lifetime of both the crucible itself as well as the crucible heater.

Thin films of titanium can also be evaporated from intermetallic crucibles. Film thickness may be limited to 500Å. The crucible may need to be replaced for each subsequent run.

Intermetallic Crucible Information

Product Intermetallic (BN-TiB2) Crucible
Composition 50% TiB2, 50% BN
Density 2.77 g/cm3
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 7.0 x 10-6/K
Thermal Conductivity
at 20℃
70 W/mk

Intermetallic Crucible Dimension

Type Top Diameter Height Thickness Angle Volume
BT-4 A=0.846" B=0.689" C=0.093" D=15°  2 ml
BT-7 A=1.125" B=0.520" C=0.093" D=15°  7 ml
BT-12 A=1.35" B=0.680" C=0.125" D=15°  12 ml
BT-15 A=1.48" B=0.670" C=0.125" D=15°  15 ml
BT-20 A=1.673" B=0.768" C=0.093" D=15°  20 ml
BT-30 A=1.775" B=0.940" C=0.093" D=15°  30 ml
BT-40 A=2.030" B=1.020" C=0.25" D=15°  40 ml
BT-100 A=2.70" B=1.490" C=0.093" D=15°  100 ml
The customized sizes can be porvided accroding to customer's drawings.

Intermetallic Crucible Application

- Use for Sintering and Melting alloy, ceramics, rare earth and other materials

- Used for flash vaporization of aluminum to coat plastic sheet used in electronic capacitors and vapor barrier

- Laboratory uses

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