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  • Sputtering Targets of AEM Deposition for LSI

    The sputtering targets for LSI are used as indispensable materials for circuitry elements and wiring of VLSI and USLI semiconductors. The rapid advancement of integrity and the accompanying demands for faster devices in recent require a broad range of high quality sputtering targets.

    The quality sputtering targets of the AEM Deposition have long been enjoying a high reputation and reliance from our customers. The AEM Deposition Works is also praised due to the fact that it is structured to develop the necessary technology and manufacture the sputtering targets in a timely manner to meet constantly changing technical needs of the semiconductor industry.

    The sputtering targets manufactured at the AEM Deposition are used in various parts of VLSI and ULSI semiconductors such as gate elements (Ti, W-Si etc), barriers(Ti, Ta, W-Ti etc) metallization(Cu, Al-Alloy etc) and contacts(Ti, Al etc). Among others, Cu, Cu-Alloy, Ta and other special sputtering targets that are presently spotlighted as the newest materials for semiconductors are highly acclaimed. With speed and quality as its first priority, the AEM Deposition also develop a wide range of technology spurred by the demand for more layers in the semiconductor circuitry, while maintaining close relationship with the customer as well as the sputtering equipment manufacturers. The development of next generation materials for semiconductor such as ferroelectric materials is also energetically conducted at the AEM Deposition.

    The sputtering targets of AEM Deposition feature the following advantages:

    1. They are made of high purity materials.
    2. Thanks to our unique control of the material properties such as metal structure and orientation, the generation of particles is minimized and excellent uniformity of the film thickness as well as the film characteristics are maintained.
    3. The particle generation is also minimized out of the powder metal targets due to high degree of density.
    4. Thanks to the uniformity of the sputtering targets, only a short burn-in time is required for the initial stage of sputtering our new targets.
    5. In order to cope with the trend of using high power in sputtering, we supply backing plates backing plates of a variety of materials and make and feature diffusion bonding with various different materials.
    6. At AEM Deposition, up-to-date models of sputtering equipment are also used, thanks to which the AEM Deposition is capable of actually sputtering its own target products to check the properties of the sputtering films, which in turn will be used for developing higher quality and higher performance sputtering targets to be offered to our customers.