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  • Application and Introduction of Sputtering Target for Solar Thin Film Battery

    views, Updated: 2021-09-17
    The sputtering target material is the raw material for preparing sputtering deposited films. It can be used in the integrated circuit, flat-panel displays, solar cells, information storage, optical devices, and other fields. Among them, the sputtering target material for solar thin-film battery is the sputtering target material used to form the back electric level of the solar thin-film battery.
    In thin-film solar cells, the sputtering target is mainly used to generate its back electrode. In crystalline silicon solar cells, sputtering targets are rarely used. Solar cells mainly include crystalline silicon solar cells and thin-film solar cells. Crystalline silicon solar cells have high conversion efficiency, stable performance, and mature industrial links, occupying the leading position in the solar cell market. According to different production processes, the crystalline silicon solar cells can be divided into silicon-coated solar cells and high conversion silicon solar cells in the PVD process. The sputtering target is not used in the production of silicon-coated solar cells, and currently, the target is mainly used in the field of solar thin-film cells.
    The sputtering target for solar thin film cell
    The sputtering target material for the solar thin-film battery is mainly square plate, and its purity requirement is not as high as that for a semiconductor chip, generally over 99.99%. At present, the sputtering targets commonly used in the preparation of solar cells include aluminum sputtering target, copper sputtering target, molybdenum sputtering target, chromium sputtering target, ITO sputtering target, AZO sputtering target (aluminum oxide zinc), and so on.
    Aluminum Sputtering Target Copper Sputtering Target Molybdenum Sputtering Target Chromium Sputtering Target
    ITO Sputtering Target AZO Sputtering Target    

    AEM Deposition, as a professional sputtering target manufacturer, provides sputtering targets commonly used for solar cells. See the above table for details. Among them, aluminum sputtering target and copper sputtering target can be used for conducting film, molybdenum sputtering target and chromium sputtering target can be used for barrier film, ITO sputtering target and AZO sputtering target can be used for the transparent conducting film.
    Application of sputtering target for back electrode of solar thin film battery
    There are three main uses of the back power level of the solar thin-film battery formed by target sputtering and coating:
    1. It is the negative pole of each cell.
    2. It is a conducting channel connected in series with each battery.
    3. It can increase the reflection of solar cells to light.
    If you are interested in sputtering targets for thin-film solar cells or want to know more about other sputtering targets. Please click the corresponding sputtering target link below to go to the corresponding product page.
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