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Platinum Crucible (Pt)

Platinum Crucible (Pt)
Platinum Crucible (Pt)

Platinum Crucible

Platinum (Pt) Crucible  is one of the most valuable toolsfor analytical chemist. The platinum crucibles are made from 100 percent platinum have excellent resistance to chemical deterioration. The platinum is inert and will not contaminate the sample for normal analytical purposes and shows no significant weight loss even over prolonged periods of heating at temperatures over 1000°C in air.

Platinum Crucible Information

Product Platinum (Pt) Crucibles
Material Pt
Purity 99.95%
Density  21.45 g/cm3  
Melting Point 1,772℃  

Platinum Crucible Dimension

Type Top Diameter Height Bottom Diameter Volume
PT-5 A1=20 mm B=22 mm D=10 mm 5 ml
PT-8 A1=27 mm B=22 mm D=12 mm 8 ml
PT-10 A1=26 mm B=27 mm D=15 mm 10 ml
PT-12 A1=28 mm B=31 mm D=26 mm 12 ml
PT-15 A1=30 mm B=33 mm D=17 mm 15 ml
PT-20 A1=33 mm B=35 mm D=18 mm 20 ml
PT-25 A1=36 mm B=36 mm D=20 mm 25ml
PT-30 A1=36 mm B=40 mm D=22 mm 30 ml
PT-35 A1=41 mm B=38 mm D=24 mm 35 ml
PT-40 A1=42 mm B=42 mm D=25 mm 40 ml
PT-45 A1=43 mm B=48 mm D=26 mm 45 ml
PT-50 A1=45 mm B=48 mm D=27 mm 50 ml
PT-60 A1=45 mm B=47 mm D=29 mm 60 ml
PT-70 A1=49mm B=53 mm D=30 mm 70 ml
PT-80 A1=51 mm B=53 mm D=30 mm 80 ml
PT-90 A1=54 mm B=57 mm D=33 mm 90 ml
PT-100 A1=56 mm B=57 mm D=35 mm 100 ml
PT-120 A1=64 mm B=66 mm D=35 mm 120 ml
PT-150 A1=65 mm B=69 mm D=37 mm 150 ml
PT-200 A1=65 mm B=80 mm D=40 mm 200 ml
PT-250 A1=81 mm B=73 mm D=55 mm 250 ml
PT-700 A1=105 mm B=105 mm D=72 mm 700 ml
The customized sizes can be porvided accroding to customer's drawings.

Platinum Crucible Application

- Commonly used for sample preparation, wet chemistry, ash testing, and Loss on Ignition (LOI)

- Laboratory uses

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