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Agate Mortars & Pestles (SiO2)

Agate Mortars & Pestles (SiO2)
Agate Mortars & Pestles (SiO2)

Agate Mortars & Pestles

Agate mortar and pestle is an adaquate and economical choice for ordinary laboratory and educational needs. Its relatively hardness and low porosity compared to porcelain make it suitable for general organic and inorganic chemistry.

Our mortars and pestles are made from especially hard and dense agate, and their grinding surfaces are polished to reduce contamination. Because of their natural origins, our Agate mortars and pestles may vary slightly in apparance.

Agate Mortars & Pestles Information

Composition (wt%)  100% SiO2
Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 2.57-2.64
Mohs Hardness(HV) 6.5-7

Agate Mortars & Pestles Features

- High density increases general cleanliness and decreases the risk of cross-contamination of materials

- Highly resistant to all solvents and acids (with the exception of HF)

- Highly polished material, smooth surface, and easy to clean

- Highly cost-effective, low wear and long lifetime

- High specific gravity, high grinding efficiency

Agate Mortars & Pestles Dimension

Stock Top Diameter Bottom Diameter Height Depth
M-050 50mm (1.97in) 40mm (1.57in) 20mm (0.79in) 12mm (0.47in)
M-070 70mm (2.76in) 60mm (2.36in) 30mm (1.18in) 18mm (0.71in)
M-095 95mm (3.74in) 80mm (3.15in) 35mm (1.38in) 24mm (0.94in)
M-115 115mm (4.53in) 100mm (3.94in) 45mm (1.77in) 30mm (1.18in)
M-150 150mm (5.91in) 130mm (5.12in) 55mm (2.17in) 40mm (1.57in)

AEM offers customized service of Agate mortar and pestle shapes and dimensions for our customers.

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