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Silicon Oxide (SiO2) crystal

Silicon Oxide (SiO2) crystal
Silicon Oxide (SiO2) crystal


Silicon Oxide (SiO2) is an excellent kipen for wireless communications industry a filter.

Physical Properties

Material SiO2
Crystal Structure M6
Growth method Hydro-thermal method 
Unit cell constant a=4.914Å    c=5.405 Å 
Density(g/cm3) 2.684 g/cm3
Melting point 1610℃ 
Hardness 7 (Mohns)
Thermal conductivity 0.0033cal/cm℃ 
Planned constant 1200uv/℃(300℃)
Index of refraction 1.544
Thermal expansion α11:13.71×10­6 / ℃ α33:7.48×10­6 /℃
Frequency constant 1661(kHz/mm)
Crystal orientation  

Y、X or Z,30º~42.75 º ±5  
Polishing Single or double
Size Φ2″(50.8mm)、Φ3″(76.2mm)、Φ4″(100mm)±0.2mm
main positioning:22±1.5mm (Φ3″) 32±3.0 (Φ4″)
Secondary positioning :10mm±1.5mm
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